Sweden’s Comprise Wins World Championship Of Online Poker Event (WCOPE)

This PokerStars’ World Championship edition of 2017 of Online Poker has now reached its final closing stages and the Main Event is now being underway.

In the event players were present from all around the world and all are squaring off for the Main Event title of 2017 currently. Moreover, others have won big already from the festival of online poker and are in the mood for celebration probably.

One such player is Sweden’s Compris. He has topped the field of $10,300 High Roller 8-Game Event #75-H for and has won the first-place prize amount of $247,975 and as well as his second COOP title of 2017. This spring he took down a No-Limit Hold’em event SCOOP, banking more than $320,000 for his efforts.

To him, the triumph of 8-Game came after spending hours of quality poker action. And as the name of the event suggests, the game involved eight different types of poker games.

The event attracted a field of 60 participants and re-entries of 31 players, who turned the field into 91. And the field of 91 players generated the prize pool of $910,000. The whole prize money was supposed to split in 12 portions. The winner would get the largest portion for sure. Villepn, the player from Finland, was the one who burst the bubble.

Action of final table

The final table tournament featured six players from all over the world. The concluding winner – compromise entered in the six-handed play with chips 1,178,889. At that time he was running second, and RunGodlike was the sole player ahead of him with chip counts 1,293,723.

After playing a long hours of game Compris beat all his opponents and become to the winner of the event to collect the biggest portion of the prize pool.