Sergio Aido has Best Ranking in International Poker Player

Sergio is a Spanish poker player.

This is a male poker player. His performance is growing better in all the recent games played by him. This player is a young and talented poker player. This player is very much sharp and plays the game with full concentration. He comes in the game with a complete winning spirit. With each game he is playing his spirit enthusiasm and love and also the concentration towards the game increases.

He started his poker playing career in his home nation he began playing poker in the Spain itself. He got the interest of playing poker at a young age then he started playing poker in the small cities of the nation and with his love and partition towards the game he has reached in a good level of the game. He is a kind of aggressive poker player. He has 9924 people speaking about his unique poker playing skills. In his home nation he has a good position in the poker game but at an international level he could not unfortunately achieve that position.

He is a good player but there is tough competition in the world. When he began with his career in poker in Spain at that time he was very much rising with his unique poker playing skills and he stood at the 10th position in the Spain all time money list this is the highest rank in his poker playing history. He ranks 1488th position in the all time money list. This is his current rank in the game. He also ranks 1445th is his best rank in the all time money list this was his best rank he has in the all time money list. In the global poker index rankings he ranks at the 98th position. His position states his playing poker skills in the game. He ranks 1078th in the popularity rankings in the game. His total live earnings are $2066136.