Phil Ivey, the most frightening face for the top poker pros

Phil Ivey was born in February 1st 1976 in the US in the place Riverside California. Also with the vast gaming history he has attached to his name he was able to manage giving tough competition to the opponents. The beginners would really be happy to be placed at the final table when he is in the game. That is the power he has gained in the poker world. The opponents would consider him as frightening faces in the poker game. Unlike other players who struggle in promoting their face than spending time in playing the poker games, Phil would rather choose to be that guy who really enjoys doing exactly what he wants from the poker world. He just wants that winning titles than thinking about what people think about him. He lets his winning pace spoke much about his fame and fortune that was built out of his successful career.

Phil first entry was through the WPT Season 1, World Poker Finals which was held in the year 2002 where he won $75,650 by finishing the game in 4th position. His two major cash winning events are the WPT session 6, L.A Poker classic with the cash prize of $1,596,100 and the 2009 WSOP, event 57 $10,000 No Limit Hold’em World Championship where he won $1,404,002 by finishing 7th position. His total earnings would be sufficient enough for the entire life and do not mandate him to play the poker game anymore. However, his passion for the game would never die and hence he still would continue in the poker world thus standing as the best role model for all the beginners in the poker industry.

He enjoys playing the video games and basketball. He enjoys travelling with his beloved partner and enjoys watching movie with his partner. Shooting dice is one of his all time favorites. In spite of his vast number of success records he is liked by other players for showing humbleness.