Martin Jacobson Presents 2014 win catapulted him to the poker hegemony

WSOP presents a principal tournament in the poker competition sphere. This year, in the $10,000 NLHE in Las Vegas, the event attracted a total of 6,683 players from 87 countries around the globe.

The 2014 World Series of Poker saw Martin Jacobson carry the day as he locked horns with Felix Stephenson in a heads-up final table. The titanic event that was much awaited had a prize award of $10,000,000 which he as the winner took home.

This comes as the second uppermost price the WSOP event has paid out in history. Unlike the new figures that sprouted in the 2014, he is reputed in the poker arenas as he has participated in high-profile global poker circuits in the past. A close glance at his past performance would show why he will go down the annals of poker history as a top-notch player.

This did not mark his final table in prominent international casino competitions. He has featured many final tables, at the World Poker Tour One Drop High-Roller Championship, he had placed 6th to walk away with $809,427. His star shone when he emerged the first Swedish professional poker player to play at the WSOP Main Event and final table in 2006.  He has also placed 3rd position in the European Poker Tour, Budapest. He has also to 2nd places in the EPTs held in Vilamoura, Deauville but emerged 4th in the same event in Berlin. However, he changed his fate when he defied all odds to clinch the WSOP $10m top-prize.

For his total live events 2014 hitherto, he has amassed a whacking $4,807,316 in global tournament winnings. The WSOP win however has seen him enter the Swedish poker books at the World Series of Poker. At the moment his prize stands as the highest amount a Swedish player has taken home, undoubtedly, he has penned his own story in the poker industry.