Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is an American proficient poker player.  He has achieved eight Wsop bracelets, one Wpt title. These achievements have made him recognized by numerous individuals as one of the best players in the world. Since 2010, his live competition and success in pokers have surpassed $13,800,000, $5,213,809 of which has hailed from the Wsop occasions in which he took an interest.

Ivey won three bracelets at the Wsop in 2002.  Ivey won two armlets in Pot Limit Omaha in 2000 and 2005. Moreover he has had an extraordinary triumph in the Wsop Main Event. He was in the top 25 four times between 2002 and 2009. He completed 23rd in 2002, tenth in 2003, twentieth in 2005 and seventh in 2009.

Ivey won his sixth bracelet in 2009 after defeating 147 players to win this wristband. In the year 2010, Ivey in Wsop won his eighth wristlet in the popular $3,000 H.o.r.s.e. Occasion in a last table with players Bill Chen, Chad Brown, John Juanda and Jeff Lisandro. He was in the top 25 poker players in the year 2002 and 2009. He has been the most youthful player to ever win eight Wsop bracelets. .

Ivey has reached to nine tables in the final Wpt. Phil Ivey made his introduction in the poker world in the year 2006. In this year he took part in The London All Star Challenge at the European Poker Masters. Ivey reached to the final series in this game and got the seventh position winning $12,534. In the year 2005, he won the $1,000,000 first prize at the Monte Carlo Millions competition. Ivey took $600,000 for getting the final position in The Invitational Live of Monte Carlo. In 2006, he played against Andy Beal. Phil Ivey belongs to the group at Full Tilt Poker. He can frequently be seen playing online at Full Tilt Poker.

Pokerfest Romania Comes Up

For those who have been following the MCOP event that was underway in the last two weeks of November in Amsterdam might be wondering what event to follow next.

Well, they need only wait a day or two before the live updates come filtering in about Pokerfest Romania. Here Unibet would be the hosting the largest Open Main Event, probably the largest in history where a large number of participants are expected.

The numbers of participants who are expected to take part in the event are capped at 800. With the guaranteed prize money being half a million, the organizers are expecting a large turnout to take place. The organizers who handle live events for Unibet have been working hard to get all necessary arrangements in place at the event will start from 1st of December. As many participants will start arriving a day before, the organizers are busy making sure that all necessary arrangements would be in place for them. Continue reading “Pokerfest Romania Comes Up”

MCOP Main Event Turnout

The Master Classics of Poker Amsterdam saw the Day 1a end with Kuan taking the lead.

While Kuan has hopes of moving further in the line of victory, Schemion was seen celebrating after the win he obtained at the Super High Roller event. The organizers were pleased to hand him over the prize money along with sparkling wine and bouquet to celebrate the win. Ole Schemion is definitely on a high after winning this the Super High Roller event. The Main Event Day 1a saw a total of 121 entries. There were nine levels that were planned for the event and by the end of all the games there was Nico Kuan remaining in the lead. He had built up his initial starting stack to an amount of 195000. On the other hand Noah Boeken also lifted the trophy in 2013 though this time he has finished in fourth position in terms of chips in hand. Continue reading “MCOP Main Event Turnout”

Sergio Aido has Best Ranking in International Poker Player

Sergio is a Spanish poker player.

This is a male poker player. His performance is growing better in all the recent games played by him. This player is a young and talented poker player. This player is very much sharp and plays the game with full concentration. He comes in the game with a complete winning spirit. With each game he is playing his spirit enthusiasm and love and also the concentration towards the game increases.

He started his poker playing career in his home nation he began playing poker in the Spain itself. He got the interest of playing poker at a young age then he started playing poker in the small cities of the nation and with his love and partition towards the game he has reached in a good level of the game. He is a kind of aggressive poker player. He has 9924 people speaking about his unique poker playing skills. In his home nation he has a good position in the poker game but at an international level he could not unfortunately achieve that position. Continue reading “Sergio Aido has Best Ranking in International Poker Player”

New Jersey Online Poker: “mw_dailey” is the biggest winner of the weekend

In spite of prize pools being lessened compared to previous week in each New Jersey governed online poker event with at least a US$ 10000 posted guarantee, players still came in huge numbers with some of them securing huge paydays.

“mw_dailey” of New Jersey was the biggest winner of the weekend after he navigated through a pack of three-hundred-twentytwo players in the partypoker NJ/ US$ 50000 Guarantee to claim the US$ 12049 top prize. Justin “PocketProfits” Wong, who lately won that event on 15th Nov, 2015 for US$ 11712, banked US$ 8320 for ending in 2ndspot.
In other news, New Jersey started their 2nd season of Winter Poker Classic with the 1st of 8 events. “DINOSAUR” hold a cool US$ 9000 in the US$ 30000 GTD Winter Poker Classic Event #1 after ending on top of the seventy-seven player pack, when “mooseman1710” was able to get US$ 6000 for his 2nd spot performance. The opening tournament was unable to exceed their US$ 30000 posted guarantee offering extra value to the ten players that ended in the money in this event.

Continue reading “New Jersey Online Poker: “mw_dailey” is the biggest winner of the weekend”

Minh Hoang Ly resume is an enviable record for upcoming whiz kids

Vietnamese-American players have managed to strengthen their stronghold when it comes to playing high-profile tournaments. He is currently based in California and has participated in a wide array of poker events where his performance has been irresistibly commendable.

In his brief resume lie results at the WSOP where he seems to have been glued for his play. Though he has not been as lucky as to clench venerable trophies and whacking cash in events where he has thrown his hat, he always leaves the corridors of poker pockets-swollen. This is not his sole interest as he has at several times ventured at intricate international events, with a tricky path to tread; his resume depicts a determined gambler.

Hoang nascent career phases feature his cash in the WSOP in 2001 where he placed third in a $3,000 Limit-Texas Hold’em tournament to take home $55,870. On the same year, he cashed in the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold’em tournament on that year. Continue reading “Minh Hoang Ly resume is an enviable record for upcoming whiz kids”

Martin Jacobson Presents 2014 win catapulted him to the poker hegemony

WSOP presents a principal tournament in the poker competition sphere. This year, in the $10,000 NLHE in Las Vegas, the event attracted a total of 6,683 players from 87 countries around the globe.

The 2014 World Series of Poker saw Martin Jacobson carry the day as he locked horns with Felix Stephenson in a heads-up final table. The titanic event that was much awaited had a prize award of $10,000,000 which he as the winner took home.

This comes as the second uppermost price the WSOP event has paid out in history. Unlike the new figures that sprouted in the 2014, he is reputed in the poker arenas as he has participated in high-profile global poker circuits in the past. A close glance at his past performance would show why he will go down the annals of poker history as a top-notch player. Continue reading “Martin Jacobson Presents 2014 win catapulted him to the poker hegemony”

Marsha Waggoner has managed a Golden Poker Resume

Women with scintillating performance in the poker industry not only keep the sisterhood of gambling queens vivacious but also streamline the field with the trite feminist ideology of gender parity. One woman who cannot be omitted in this team of female poker players is Marsha Waggoner. Her long poker career interposed with an array of magnificent accomplishments at this period is significant. She has sharpened her skills flawlessly in live events, subsequently; commentators have inferred that her moves are uniquely perspicacious. She is the old queen of poker whose achievements suffice as the old queen of poker who defies age. Her hype and resuscitation of antecedent wins have helped demonstrate who she really is in the poker realms.

Her first notable accomplishment came in the Amarillo Slim Super Bowl of Poker $400 Stud Main Event where she won. This did not cast her in the global limelight, but, at the 1992 WSOP, she placed 2nd in the $1,500 7-Card Stud Split Main Event garnering $52,500. She remarkably cashed in the WPT and the PPT (Professional Poker Tour) and subsequently placed 2nd for 100k in the World Poker Tour. However, she did not quit poker after this but went ahead to win more events. More recently, she final tabled at the 2012 at the WSOP Aussie Millions, later winning two championships at the California’s State Poker Championships (Los Angeles). Her first win was at the $340 Omaha High Low while the next came in the USD 340 Omaha Stud Hi-Lo. This is laudable and encouraging as she has had her exposure in the game for long.

She final tabled also managed another final table during the same event. She finished 9th at the World Series of Poker $1,500 7-Card Stud High-Low Main Event (Las Vegas). Equally, notably are her tournament live earnings that are more than $900k. Undoubtedly, she is among the female poker players who have trail blazed outstanding performance behind the corridors of wagering.

Baker Abdallah the upcoming player from United States

We all know that United States is the best place where several of the poker players have originated from irrespective of the fact that the ban is high in this country on the individuals for playing the casino games. Though literally one may not be paying any penalty for playing the casino games, definitely one would find it tough to get over the competition in the poker world especially when playing the game in the country like US. In such tough competition if one is able to make entry into the events we should admit that they are the real capable poker players who are deemed to be eligible for playing the online events as well.

However, Baker Abdallah has been in the list of poker players. One could easily trace out him in the internet search results as the poker player. Let us get into the details of the cash prizes he has won during his career which he seems to be started around 2010 June 23rd which is when he has won Event 32 – No-Limit Hold’em 2010 Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza III for which the buy-in was decided at $300. In this match he was able to complete in 42nd position and was able to win $729 which is definitely the good start in the poker world.

His two latest cash prizes definitely show that he has improved a lot from the day one. June 2nd 2014 he played the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Millionaire Maker 2014 World Series of Poker where he was able to finish in 460th place. Irrespective of the truth that this game has the buy-in amount of $1,500 he was still able to manage winning the cash prize of $4,630. The next level of achievement that he has made was in the same month on 29th when he played in the WSOP in which he has chosen to play the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em from which he was able to make $6,368. We should admit this cash prize to be the lovely enough for him to continue in this world.